The Ticonderoga Pencil has been inspiring genius for over 100 years. When using a Ticonderoga Product, you can be sure you are using the "The World's Best".  Our Ticonderoga brand also includes erasers, writing markers, sharpeners, and other products to enhance your writing experience.


Our wide variety of high quality art products is perfect for artists of all ages and levels, from those creating childhood art to those imagining a professional masterpiece. The Prang Brand is loved by teachers, parents, and children alike for its quality and color.  Lyra is a beautifully crafted professional art line that will that will showcase your abilities at the highest level.  Das Air Dry Clay Brand is a market leading modeling classic that is perfect for a multitude of sculpting projects for all artists.

Fine Art

Canson, Daler-Rowney and Maimeri joined FILA group in 2016 creating a strong partnership with Dixon.  These Brands, each with there own rich heritage, will continue to grow as market leaders offering premium papers, paints and brushes to our valued customers.


Industrial products have been a part of Dixon's heritage since our start over 200 years ago as a graphite and mining company. Today, we use that experience to craft our Dixon branded precision marking tools, which are known for their durability and effectiveness.  Dixon offers a wide range of marking tools that will allow you to make your mark, perfect for any job!


Dixon Promotional Products is the #1 customized solution for pencils, pens, markers, industrial, and arts & crafts.  We are also the home of the market leading eco-friendly soy crayon. Our products are produced with the utmost attention to detail.  Help your company get the recognition it deserves with a superior product from the world class supplier of writing instruments.  We can customize promotional solutions for any business need.  You dream it up and we'll engineer it for you!