Our Brands

Launched in 1913, Ticonderoga represents one of the most powerful and recognized brands within North America. What once started with a powerful focus on graphite pencils has quickly evolved to a family of premium products ranging from writing instruments for school, office and personal use.  Now celebrating over 100 years of excellence with a rich iconic history.

From the name of its founder, Mr. Joseph Dixon who manufactured the first wood and graphite pencil in the country along with many other highly accredited inventions. In 1827 Mr. Dixon established the Joseph Dixon Crucible Company in Salem, Massachusetts. Today, Dixon encompasses a full array of products ranging from writing and marking for school, office and industrial applications.

In 1897, Louis Prang was the founder of the Faber-Prang Art Company, which later merged with the American Crayon Company in 1931. Louis Prang was a world-renowned chromolithographer and art educator who introduced art education into the American school system along with countless inventions still used today. Prang is a brand that caters to the artist in all of us, including but not limited to colouring, painting and drawing.

The DAS brand is an acronym of the name of its inventor – Dario Sala – who registered the patent in 1962. A synthetic paste that hardens in the air without baking, it is a modelling material with an almost infinite series of expressive possibilities, capable of meeting all technical requirements by favouring and at the same time stimulating the user’s creative freedom. It is known and used all round the world by children, hobby-makers and professionals of all ages.

The origins of the Lyra brand date back to 1806 when Johann Froescheis began producing pencils in a factory in Nuremberg.   Lyra has been synonymous with innovation and excellence for over 200 years and consists of a range of extremely high quality pencils and crayons with an innovative design.  A varied, complete line with products for use in drawing and within artistic, technical and scholastic contexts.

Rooted in 18th century London, the Rowney Company was established in 1783 when Richard and Thomas Rowney opened premises selling perfumes and wig powder, before focussing their business on the development of artists’ colours.

The company built its reputation by providing art materials of the finest quality, and is proud to continue to do so today across all channels and product categories pertaining to fine art, with offerings tailored to professional and amateur artists as well as students and beginners. View Website.

Since 1557, Canson has offered high quality papers adapted to the needs of every target segment; from artists and design professionals to students and photographers.  Whatever their experience, whatever their age, Canson’s wide range of products will satisfy their needs. Canson is the world-wide leader in Fine Art papers: Art is its core, its roots, its soul. It stimulates inspiration and become a source of enjoyment and memories that last forever.  View Website.

Legendary Italian brand created in 1923, designed by Gianni Maimeri, artist and founder of the company, based on a concept of absolute perfection. The Maimeri mark depicts a tetrahedron, a perfect prism in terms of its proportions, and unique because it always appears identical and points one corner upwards regardless of the viewpoint from which it is observed. The perfection incorporated in the symbol extends to all the Maimeri products, today representative of Italian excellence in the production of material for painting and drawing all over the world, and an example of the great passion and constant synergy between Art, Industry and Innovation.  View Website.