Ethics & Values

For generations, people have relied on the consistent quality and inspiration of Dixon Ticonderoga Company products. When people hold a classic No. 2 pencil or a Prang Art Marker, customers are also grasping the values of a company that was founded in 1795 and is getting stronger more than 200 years later.

Dixon Ticonderoga Company is a caring corporate citizen, dedicated to protect the earth from which its raw materials, wood and graphite, originate. Replenishing and recycling are corporate mandates that we take very seriously.  We strive for nothing in our manufacturing facilities to go to waste; our wood and cardboard are recycled into reusable energy and new products.

As a global company, we steadfastly hold to our values of integrity, fairness and ethical behavior. All employees, interns, partners, and vendors must exemplify these high standards. As extensions of our company, we expect our colleagues to consistently mirror Dixon Ticonderoga Company's high expectations.

Dixon Ticonderoga Company complies with all applicable laws and regulations and requires its directors and officers to conduct our business in accordance to letter, intent and spirit of all relevant laws. We will not tolerate illegal, dishonest or unethical conduct at any level of our corporation. Our Company works with the committee and board of directors of the Arts & Crafts Manufacturing Institute (ACMI) and Writing Instruments Manufacturing Association (WIMA).

Our greatest asset is the body of committed and enthusiastic value-driven Dixon employees who invent, develop, produce, market, and deliver the greatest writing and art instruments in the world. It is because of them that we have earned our customers' unwavering loyalty and enthusiasm.

Our worldwide customers know that when they purchase our inspirational writing and art instruments, they are investing in a company that represents quality and value. Our customers inspire us, and we will work daily to never let you down.