Winter Cardinal

How to paint a watercolour
"Winter Cardinal".

What we used:

LYRA Art Design Sketching Pencils
LYRA Aqua Brush Duo Art Markers
PRANG Artist Brushes Set
LYRA Watercolour Set
L’Aquarelle Heritage Block Hot Press 140LB/300G

Step 1

Draw the outline of your cardinal in pencil. Do not worry about drawing all the fine details- those will come later. Focus on the main shapes.

Step 2

With your #10 Prang Flat Brush, wet the entire background with water. Then add your sky colour.

PRO TIP:  Sprinkle salt on your wet wash and leave on untildry to achieve a snowfall effect. When the wash is dry, wipe away the salt.

Step 3

When your sky is dry and salt is removed, block in the main colours of your cardinal.

PRO TIP: Allow a bit of drying time between colours to avoid colour bleeding.

Step 4

Using Lyra’s Aqua Brush duos, add feathers to your bird with the brush tip. Then use a wet brush to soften some of your lines.

PRO TIP: Use a darker red on the bottom portion of the birds stomach and around the black feathers on the face. Then use a lighter red or an orange on the chest. This will make the bird appear more three dimensional.

Step 5

Finally, use your tube of white paint to add snow to the feathers. Do so by applying the paint in quick strokes going in the direction of the feathers. Apply more on the top of the head, top of the wing, and top of the tail where more snow would collect.

PRO TIP: Flick white paint all over your painting for a beautiful winter snowfall.